My husband and I are friends with the Kaplan family and when the tragedy happened we were having a difficult time understanding how something like this could happen to such a wonderful family. I have been making shidduchim for 45 years and know how difficult it is to put two people together and make it a successful shidduch. I decided that from the time the tragedy happened from then on I would do matches in memory of Elisheva and Yisroel. It should not have to take a loss for people to think of matching singles. To me it is second nature. I look at a single and think who would match to this person? I have been on syas for 15 years and this gives me a chance to help my friends and other clients find dates and hopefully shidduchim. I am grateful to Hashem that my 4 children quadruplets found their zivugim so now it is time for payback and try to help others find their beshert. It also took a long time for me to find my own beshert and BH we just celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary. For all these reasons of Bracha I continue to facilitate matches with Hashem’s help.