The boy was in my husband’s class and my husband bumped into him in a store while he was buying challah since he decided to last minute stay in Monsey for shabbas. I sent my husband to the store to get some plastic cups and last minute cutlery for the event and my husband bumped into him. When my husband bumped into him, they schmoozed and caught up and he invited him to the Upsheirin. The boy showed up and I introduced him to a friend of mine who has a single friend. She set them up and they went out for a year and just got married last week!!!

Because of this initiative, since it began, I was inspired to help make shidduchim. I try to chap any idea I have and try to redt it even though it may not be a perfect idea because you never know. Since the initiative we redt multiple shidduchim, a few first dates and bH and 2nd shidduch came from this 10k batei Yisroel.
My husband and I were so pained about this beautiful couple and my husband and I took on the project to look out for others and build up the guts to set people up. It should be a zechus. Thank you for the opportunity and inspiration