I was at a wedding a few weeks ago when the boys mother approached me if I had a shidduch for her son. And as the girls were dancing i spotted a girl that i thought could be a great idea.
This shidduch taught  me the gift of patience……it took a while till it kicked off ground. Yet when it started picking up momentum…..it just flew……b”h!!!!
Since I have been a part of 10k family,  I have picked up so many tidbits of valuable advice……i don’t find shidduchim so intimidating anymore.
I realize that parents of children in shidduchim, or singles themselves are concerned and we can lend them the listening ear, the kind word of hopefulness and willingness to see what we can do for them.
Yet the most valuable thing I have learned we can try and put in the effort, the outcome is not in our hands. Its in the hands of hashem. We will get our reward for our efforts of trying to do chessed.
All this i have learned from this incredible organization.
May it be a zechus aliyas neshama.