I started working at Yeshiva Darchei last year around January-February time. Chani is the secretary of 5th grade. Every day we would sit together and I wished I knew someone for her.

While I was sitting in rabbi Kaplans office an idea hit me and I said you know what, let’s try it.
I went upstairs and redt it to Chani and she immediately agreed. I didn’t have the boys number so I needed to figure out how to reach him. That night I went to Gourmet Glatt very late, which I never do, and the boys brother was there also! We called the boy and got the yes right away and they started dating right after Pesach.
Had I not been in Rabbi Kaplan’s office who knows if I would have thought of it! It should be L’zeicher Nishmas both of the Kedoshim.