I made 2 more shidduchim!The first one was my friends daughter. She mentioned what she was looking for. So I asked a boy from a different shidduch that I made if he knows of anyone that fits what she was looking for…he gave me his friends number and it happened bh!

The last one was a girl in shidduchim for a while. She hadn’t dated in a while. Her mother called my cousin who mentioned that I do shidduchim. She called and said that her daughter was looking for yeshivish long term learner. I only knew one boy in shidduch that fit that bill. My nephew! A lot of work.. especially right before pesach. But bh!
I’m not a professional shadchan. I just am not embarrassed to ask people if they know people. Anyone can and should- just try. And then Hashem helps. I see that when I ask around more and put more effort in, then more dates happen.